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melissa: he is one of the most influential managers on wall street. citigroup's leo cavari join us entire hour of 3:00 p.m. with his perspective. david: "money" with melissa francis is coming next. melissa: another day of health care hello hell. guess what, reports say a third of people think they're enrolled in the new exchanges actually aren't. how much will that cost them and us? you know even when they say it's not, it is always about money. >> today the website is working well for the vast majority of users. more problems may pop up as you always do when you launch something new. when they do we'll fix those too. melissa: president obama kicking off a new campaign to rally support for his signature health care law saying is open for business!
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really? because "the washington post" report that is a third of people enrolled are not actually enrolled after all. that is only part of the problem plaguing the failed website. we have latest from "the wall street journal" and also cyber expert david kennedy. thanks to both of you for joining us. spencer, this is startling, a third of people. you've been doing a ton of reporting on this. does this sound right to you a third of people sign up haven't signed up. >> the government disputes the figure. melissa: they say it doesn't accurately reflect the picture what is happening now. i'm not sure that is really a dispute of third. that is like, not exactly what is happening today. maybe they're saying only 29%. >> we don't know the actual figures. there is no question there have been a lot of problems with the enrollment of the people who are trying to enroll. through programs with transmitting data. when you put data into the website it is not being properly transmitted to the insurance companies. there is inaccurate data in a
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lost cases. >> sure, a lot of people who think they're in the clear. this is no joke. you need to be signed up i january 1st. you have to really be on by december 23rd in or for that to happen. >> right. melissa: people sitting back home think they have gotten it all done and they haven't. >> whether it is 30% or 20% or 40%. it really doesn't matter. we know it's a big problem and needs to be fixed and needs to be fixed fast. melissa: david, do you think it is fixed at this point? this is your expertise. what do you think is happening now? that is the claim the white house is trying to make, that figure doesn't represent what so going on right now. what is your bet? >> look at october 1st launch date they had all the issues. they jammed everything in to keep the site operational and running. that is focused on what users see in the front end. that user experience. hopefully keeps everything up and running. what we're seeing a lot of issues in the back end still need to be addressed. this thing was designed poorly from the very get-go not only from a performance perspective and functionality between other
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areas but also from a security perspective. still a number of security issues on the site that still haven't been addressed. >> that is huge. that is huge, spencer. a lot of folks are saying this site isn't safe. >> to the be fair with the government, there hasn't been reports of major breaches of website. melissa: that could mean they haven't told us about it. >> right. given the way the government is down playing all the problems with this website, given their inability to be transparent what is really going on, yes it is very likely there are a lot of security problems. they testified, henry chao testified in front of congress a few weeks ago. melissa: right. >> he said the site pass ad bunch much security reviews and was thorizeed and given authority to operate. like your guest said they have been very sloppy in writing of computer code that went behind the website. it is reason to believe they didn't have great security. melissa: without question. david, i want to play for you what congressman mike rogers said. set chairman of the house intelligence committee. he was on fox news earlier.
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play and get it your reaction on other side. >> they are out there fixes to the website make your information safe and secure. that is just absolutely wrong. no minimum standard that any industry would accept in launching any website that would have any private information on it. melissa: david, there are those who go as far to say that you should not go on the site and enter your personal information. it is just not worth doing right now. is it that dire? >> that's right. look at this. we went and actually looked at the website. we didn't actually hack it because that would be illegal. we looked at basic surrounding security around the application how it performed. basic things were not being done. there is so much more underneath the hood being done as far as security concerns go we need to be cautious. melissa: you said basic things wean being done. like what? >> for example they have exposures which are open redirects, you can send a link to somebody and click and hacks their computer t would disclose
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user, first name, last name, email addresses. glaring things you shouldn't get from any type of website gone through any security testing. we saw user name enumeration issues present during the october 1st release. a number of things, basic concepts security people follow have not been done at all. i would agree, i would be very cautious putting personal information there until we get more information. melissa: david, setting politics aside, setting health care aside, would you tell your mom to put her information on there? would you put your own information on there if you needed health care. >> to my this is not political issue. this is personal security issue. i would not recommend my mom to go on there. you're putting information at risk. if you have no option, insurance is coverage, monitor privacy. make sure information you're presenting doesn't get compromised. look at bank accounts doesn't make sure fraudulent charges. the federal government doesn't have to disclose it has been hacked.
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>> spencer, you have done so much reporting on this. do you think the general public setting apolitics aside, how dangerous it toys put information on the website right now? >> i do. health care is fundamental thing people need and care about and they're picking up on all the problems. how could you not, on the news every second of the day. people know there's a lot of problems with the website. so it reflects poorly on entire operation. that takes away trust in the website. there is lot of other basic things they didn't do. don't have a backup site. they still don't have a backup site. don't have monitoring tools when they launched. there are a lot of 101 internet systems checks they didn't check off. now they're playing catch-up. hard to play catch-up flying a plane in real life. melissa: david is there any way to fix this from here? can you fix the website around or totally dismapped he would and start over from scratch. what do you think real quick? >> that is fundamental debate in the security industry. if you don't build security from the ground up when you first develop the site it is hard to bold things on afterwards. you're putting bandaids on a
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large problem. i don't think it will be fixed anytime soon. if you're talking about fixing current site. it will take years to fix. probably better to start over and recode. melissa: more and more people say that every day. thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: from one disaster to another. a judge ruled the motor city is officially broked. judge stephen rhodes says detroit is proven insolvent and could enter chapter nine bankruptcy. this could be a precedent for every other city struggling with overblown debt. even if you thought you were safe. this could change it. fox business's jeff flock is live from federal bankruptcy court in detroit. jeff, what does it mean for people's money? >> yeah. you know that's the big deal on this one. for the first timeever, melissa, a federal bankruptcy judge has said, even if, if you're a municipal pensioner, even if you have a state constitution that says you can not screw with my pension, in federal bankruptcy court, yes in fact you can screw with my
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pension. first time anybody said that. we don't know how it will come down but the first time it the door has been open. melissa: state protections written in the michigan constitution would prove meaningless? i didn't understand that? >> yeah. because what the judge said today, essentially is federal law trumps state law. even though you've got a constitution that says the pensions shall not be diminished the judge said today, that actual federal bankruptcy law says that all the creditors have to be treated equally. all the unsecured creditors. and much of the pensions are unsecured. so get in line with, you know, everybody else that is owed money in detroit, sign painters and bondholders and everybody else. that is all an equal class. melissa: what us did mean? how does detroit balance its books now? >> that is a good question. essentially what the city manager, the emergency city manager offered already was about $2 billion for the 11 billion owed. everybody's done the math on that, says it is 16 cents on the
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dollar. that doesn't mean necessarily across the board they will settle with folks. what this does mean if they hadn't been allowed to go into bankruptcy, you have all the lawsuits from everybody that is owed money by detroit. they would go into court and begin to get judgments and frozen city's money it does have. wouldn't pay people. could have been a disaster out there. even though this is getting appealed this, is a very experienced bankruptcy judge, a respected guy. chances are this thing is going to fly. melissa: interesting. jeff flock, thank you so much. up next, live and in person a sneak-peek at the brand new lg flexible, curved phone. we're going to show you what it's really all about. i can not wait! plus the biggest winner in cyber monday sales? apple. the ipad shows everyone it is a smashing success. so does appeal even need to innovate anything else anymore? wait until you hear the stunning stats. more "money" coming up.
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melissa: holy curves, batman! lg unveiling a new smartphone? look at that. it is called the g-flex.
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it is made with a curved flexible screen. it has a special back panel that will heal itself if you scratch it just like wolverine? it's a break through. we're talking about it here on "money." we have the lg's director of brand management for mobile. show this to us and put it back on the little cradle so we see it closely. why do i need a curved phone? >> thanks for having me, melissa. i'm excited to talk about the g-flex. melissa: we've been talking about it a lot. >> the curved g-flex has several benefits depending how consumers use the smartphone. first thing the curve takes away glare and reflection. you get better picture quality. you also know the concept of curved movie screens? lg has been the first company to bring that concept to tvs and now into smartphones. melissa: i want people to be able to see it from the side. what is surprising to me it is
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not that curved. are there plans to make it more curved? you can see sort of on the screen, it is like slightly curved. >> this is preview what is to come in the industry i think downed road. you will see curved displays, flexible displays. this is precores sore where the industry is heading and lg is at the front of this. melissa: a lot of people said when we questioned why would i want a served phone. if i put it in my purse it is curved. doesn't make sense. this idea of it being flexible and make it breaks less? why do we want it to be flexible and what is the challenge with that? >> right. i think the viewing experience overall just improved. this is cinema on the go. now with flexible design also, it is more durable and protecting your device more. melissa: the back of it is something we've also talked been at show i think is incredible. ii repairs scratches like wolverine? how does that work?
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how long does it take? >> it's a resin, from the automobile industry. we're the first company that applied this to smartphones. it protects the phone from scratches. you scratch it pa little bit. with your keys in your pockets or whatever. melissa: right. >> you want your phone to look great throughout its lifetime. this special compound heals itself within, a few hours. so you won't see the scratches. melissa: so you don't have to do anything? there will be a scratch on the back. sit there for a few hours and it's fon? >> yep. melissa: wow, that is incredible. but isn't there planned obsolescence to the phone design? if my phone is healing itself i don't need a new one. do you worry about that at all? >> speed of change and overall components of the smartphone industry is so fast, consumers will want the latest, greatest device. the latest, greatest processor. >> i worry about scratches on the front more than on the back. i was surprised it is only the back ha heals.
5:16 pm
the front is where i'm looking and with it really bothers me. >> of course this technology protects entire phone. in the front there is usual strong glass that protects the phone. the glass is also flexible but flex as little bit. melissa: it does but doesn't heal a little bit. that is where you need it. are you moving into that direction with the technology. >> technology might come down the road. we'll see. melissa: for sale right now. it is in hong kong or south korea, launching in hong kong? what is reaction like so far? >> the demand has been interesting from the press. we don't know exactly what the consumer response is yet. it is too early to tell that but we've got a great response from the press and trade. melissa: whht is the difference between this and samsung recently introduced its curved galaxy round? apple of course is working on something like this. what makes your different? >> this is curved from top to bottom and it is flexible. melissa: oh. show that while you're doing this. >> you can press down on it and
5:17 pm
see -- melissa: you're smashing your phone. it is not cracking and breaking. >> doesn't do anything. melissa: yeah. right? so your phone is protected. that is the key difference versus competition. melissa: theirs doesn't do that? >> no. melissa: when will we see this in america? >> i would like to see it as soon as possible. i have no information exactly what it is coming. melissa: interesting. thank you so much for bringing it in. very cool. waiting to see one of those. >> thank you, melissa. melissa: up next, apple take as huge bite out of everyone's holiday sales. ipads alone making up almost 20% of all of target's cyber monday numbers. can you believe that? wait until you hear what it means for apple. how hard do you try to show your boss you're the very best? i do it all the time. i don't know if i succeed. i'm trying. you may be going about it all wrong. you will find out why in today's money talkers. stay where you are. do you ever have too much money hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
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melissa: whoa, apple is sure showing it has got the right stuff despite all the naysayers and critics. it is practically cannibalizing everything else on the market. apple products alone made up for almost 20% of sales at target on black friday. can you imagine that? 20% of everything they sold was apple. so maybe it doesn't need new products at all. it is just killing the competition the way it is. tech experts rob enderle and eric are here now. wow, this is, doesn't that, can you believe that? to me those numbers are staggering. 20% of everything they sold. >> i'm not surprised at all. i'm not surprised. >> i don't think of people going into target in order to get an ipad. for walmart, the number one most popular single item on friday
5:22 pm
was an it pad, 16 gig. >> absolutely no mistake letting everybody they could know they them in stock, come in get one at a deal and buy other stuff. melissa: did they make any money on that? did he cut the price so low and walmart and target made money on that? >> i'm sure they made money on that other stuff but took a tactical hit on the ipad margins for sure. melissa: rob, do you agree with that? >> yeah. walmart has a store draw or break even or get a loss to get people into the store. if they're buying ipad or tv or vcr whatever career it is, take the store draw. get a it had. take the traffic. sell a ton of other stuff and makes up the difference. be aware when a product used for store draw, it is being specifically incented to sell at high volume. would be surprised if it didn't sell as well. melissa: i wonder if they made up that money.
5:23 pm
target, their number one, i read that elsewhere, their number one most popular item that sold was a 29-cent wash clothe. in everybody is coming in getting a deal on their i pads and most popular item is 29-cent wash cloth, beyond that is target making money? >> if that is all they're buying no. chances are they're buying other stuff. they're there to christmas shop. the idea you come in to buy the ipad and lots of other stuff that is on sale before you leave. i'm sure people went in for the deal. most folks tend to go in. once they're there they pick up a bunch of other stuff. if this wasn't profitable walmart wouldn't do this year after year after year. melissa: eric, what does it tell you about apple? does it say that they're stronger than ever? or does it say that we're talking in the break that they're discounting their products? >> apple took the rare step and matching and improving deals at best buy, target and walmart t had the best deal. it was offering $75 off and
5:24 pm
75-dollar gift certificate on top of that. that is the one i went for. so what it tells me that apple understands its market very well. it understands its logistical supply chain very, very well. tim cook's specialty is understanding supply and demand issues. so i think they had a sense that they had a strong product that would sell well into the holiday season. melissa: they did but rob, i don't know if they're discounting for the first time we've really seen and they're already making product that is were cheaper, you know, that was the main criticism of the ipad mini, people are buying th ipad mini, seen this in my house at home, instead of a regular ipad, so it is a cheaper device and discounting it, even if they're selling 1.4 million of them are they stronger or weaker for all of this? >> they're traded on margins. the reason is apple so valuable it is one of the most profitable companies in the seg mane. when you do discounting, when you have rebates, when you have coupons, all the rest of that comes right off the margin side
5:25 pm
price. you mentioned tim cook's strength. melissa: yee. >> tim cook's strength is on volume. he understand how to do volume. he understands how to discounting. steve jobs understood margins and knew everything to keep them. that model is now broken. this won't kill apple but it is a very differ company decades after steve jobs, this is demonstrating that. melissa: do you agree with that for better or worse? >> not entirely. apple doesn't negotiate ever. this is one-day deal. i don't think it will eat into their margins too much. they will sell at unnegotiatable, nonmoving, 50% plus or minus gross margin on pretty much every product. melissa: what does this say for amazon? amazon was the big story yesterday. all of the people we mentioned in this segment are basically amazon foes. you have apple, you have walmart, you have target. they're all battling against amazon in one wayhe other. plus does the fact they join
5:26 pm
forces and were so successful on black friday, what does it say of amazon? >> i think amazon is one of the great strengths of retail. everybody is is not apple wanted to compete toe-to-toe with amazon. amazon has own line of consumer electronics with the kindle which -- melissa: is anyone buying a kindle now, given 1.4 million ipads flying off the shelf at walmart at discount prices? is there i in reason to buy a kindle if you get an ipad so cheap? >> you're not as price sensitive and idealogically aligned to the apple ecosystem as some of us are, kindle is legitimate competitor. melissa: rob, what do you think? is this the death knell for kindle? >> you're talking to a guy that is die-hard kindle fan. most of them moved through amazon. so the issue you don't get numbers out of walmart or target. you're waiting for numbers out of amazon and amazon doesn't release them on a regular basis.
5:27 pm
but i'm sure they did quite well. the amazon is still a predominant seller on cyber monday. they move a ton of product as well. they don't use the kindle as a store draw like the ipads used in target and walmart. they use it as a no-profit, permanent door into amazon. melissa: right. >> so it's a kind of a different use case but one that has actually a tail at least as long as apple. >> it is although that's what i use my ipad mini for, to shop on amazon on the go. all comes full circle. thanks so much. >> thank you. melissa: everyone wants a bigger paycheck? do you know the best way to get a raise? does the squeaky wheel always get the grease? tweet me and tell me what you think. it is today's "money talker". "who made money today." investors want him out but he is making money hand over fifth. keep watching to find out who it is. "piles of money" coming right
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♪ >> remember when people used to say boss when they were describing something that was really cool? like those shoulder pint to are really boss, man? but now boss is just slang for man in charge. melissa: would not say that. definitely notorious bosses out there. like it and not, your boss was the key to your employment future. , raised time, how much does it matter if they really like you and how far are you willing to go to try and make them? just in time for holiday bonus season it is today's "money" stalker. here to weigh in. take 100 percent responsibility for their relationship. that is the first tip that we got what we were looking at how to improve your relationship with your boss.
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if they're is a problem rig -- between the two u.s. the one who needs to fix it. >> i agree. you have to take responsibility because it is hard to get a boss to change. as long as they are bringing in money the company woman held accountable. you have to step to the plate. melissa: out you do that? do you have to kiss up? >> it is dangerous territory to start getting into the cassette territory. essentially -- and this is the sales relationship. anytime you do anything out there in the sales world you have to figure out who your customer is, what they need, and try to make them look good. that is the essential task of trying to get a raise. there is no simple codified way to do it. you just have to look at the person who you have to police and try to do the best possible job of making it. melissa: do you agree? >> you have to take a step back, and its starts for january 1st , come correct with the plan, kutcher office and take a page out of sunsuit. it is a battlefield. you have to look. melissa: it is a battlefield. >> you verses or co-worker and you get the boston notice, you
5:33 pm
have doubts and the person sitting next to you. >> i agree with this part, he makes a good point. if you put money and your boss in that company's pocket, if you add monetary value and make yourself in valuable to your boss that is a guaranteed way to get a raise unless your boss's michael scott. melissa: there you go. being a team player. you against the guy sitting next to you. i am afraid to sit next to you for. >> but if you outshine or help your team outperform everything, what does that do? a major team outperform and makes the financial severe company looks better. your boss gets paid at the end of the year to stock options by making more money. >> but if you look too good in the process you could potentially be seen as a threat by your boss if. melissa: what about that? >> if you are doing too much crowing and making yourself look too good in the process, you have to make your boss look good first and foremost. >> but it is quiet growing.
5:34 pm
you're trying to outperform, not you are taking your shiny were insane at did this. you want the numbers to prove your point. melissa: that was one of the tips. make your accomplishments known. you may do that in a weekly some of the mail. that sounds so irritating. here are the awesome things that i did this week. i don't know if i would start hammering my boss with that. i'm not sure that when a lot of fans. >> you have to know. you have to know your target is. melissa: weekly e-mail, anyone like that idea? >> i have had boss is that what a weekly e-mail, a status update , want to not be surprised. others, they just don't want to be bottered. you have to know your customer. >> i think you do the weekly e-mail, but to promote yourself in a way where it seems like you are just updating everyone on what has happened so far in keeping everyone on the same page. melissa: i want to keep everyone on the same page. iraq did.
5:35 pm
>> that would be leaving at the ag arrested. melissa: what hampers you? would you go to your boss with that question? what are we doing that hampers you? >> absolutely. melissa: is in that flying in the face of what you were saying better accentuating your positives? >> go to your boss and ask what the pain point is. find out the problems. be ahead of it. be proactive. to because you're pointing at something that might be a problem, seeing the solution to a problem exceed the better sales person. let's face it. you never remember the product being great. you remember a product really problematic, and they solve the problem. melissa: out the balance combining and bring a problems persist keeping your mouse at.
5:36 pm
how do you balance bringing a legitimate complaints and problems verses is keeping your mouth shut. >> out can you bring them up? going back to what i said, you have doubt shine and have a track record of performance and performance. you can make suggestions. asking for a bonus, you need to start that process where before the end of the year and you need to start thinking about your race whenever you have a great success. that is where you need to march into your boss's office and say, look, we had a great success. might be in the middle of august, but be thinking about my race because i deserve it off. melissa: out you balance this economy? >> a closed mouth does not get fed. melissa: how do you balance this? any this promotion, this raised
5:37 pm
why will be looking elsewhere. how do you balance giving them a fair warning because you want to give them the opportunity to give you what you need to advance verses making demands where they're like me know what, i have somebody else. i'm sorry. they call your bluff. a lot of people in that situation. >> it is a tough situation, and you have to add value. you want to make yourself in valuable to the boss. >> i need this by the state. >> i don't think you say i needed by the state. you make it known and lay the groundwork this is what i am willing to do, whatever needs to be done. >> it is a matter of last resort get to the process of proving that you are worthwhile to the boss home throughout the month. again and again you are ignored and passed over, then you put the ultimatum in. >> and you have to be ready to walk. >> you have to be ready. melissa: we will have to do this
5:38 pm
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obsession with fitness wristbands. three of the hottest bands on the market. unmatchable. these things are all the rage. my neighbor was like, i have to show you this. the sleeping pattern from the night before. weigh more information than i needed from them. i have to tell you. >> everywhere people are really excited, and there are so many different kinds of cheese from which is the tricky part of going into a holiday shopping season. >> it is really great. if you're sitting at your office of the dust for a while, sometimes it will buy you if you
5:44 pm
have been sitting for an hour. melissa: electric shock? bably get up andibration. walk around. melissa: what is that one? >> this is the fifth force. my personal favorite. what is really great about it is it has this high-high-resolution screen. it tells the time. it also keeps track of how many steps you have watched throughout the day. harris jersey of times. how many calories you burned. you can also program it if you want to learn more about sleeping patterns and other things. melissa: how many calories you consume. >> well, if you go into the background that which is under smart phone.
5:45 pm
>> i think a lot of the mark. especially for many is a little more rugged, but for female, tiny, getting dressed up at night. something you kind of want to put on for a nice dinner. so this is the 90's you'll band s.c., second edition. this as a screen. in 90 runs on fuel points. instead of really steps, how many points you ever endure hours you have one. a real mess. it down hulks like this. we go through it into your computer. the other one you have to have a doggo.
5:46 pm
>> what is nice about this is this is actually pretty sleek and it looks a little bit more like jewelry, a little less obvious. when i wear the other one people are, you know, are you trying to be healthy, lose weight in the wire you wearing this? this is a little bit more under the radar, but it does not have a screen. it is a little less. you have to open up your application, be a little bit more of a go getter to actually get the information that you want. melissa: did it come in different colors? >> this one comes in black and slick which is sort of like a blueberry this one comes in a bold yellow and a crimson, which is a red. but john boehner i believe comes in a blue also. melissa: how much is each one? >> $130. this is probably your best bet. as far as that goes. and then these are both $149. melissa: do you really do this? do you look and say, oh, i slept for a couple of hours and then i was up.
5:47 pm
after a day are to do you care anymore? >> it is fascinating, especially at first because you're learning about, you know, getting up in the middle of the night. i learned that i was probably drinking water a little bit too late. going to get to the bathroom and then that is something never occurred to me before. you can kind of look at the data and see what is happening and/or if you have a new mattress. these are of little things they would not necessarily -- >> you look at it again in your like i am done with it. be honest. >> really personality. i think it is very cool, but think once smart watches become mainstream i think that will be. melissa: blew them and will make a much cuter one. thank you. next up, an unexpected twist in on-line pricing turning back the way stores started. our own jo ling kent hit the streets to track the trends. you can never have too much "money."
5:48 pm
♪ [ male announcer ] did you know that if you wear a partial, you' almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip forartials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real.
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♪ melissa: no question, it is all about shopping right now. where are you spending your "spare change" this holiday season? are you trudging around to real retailers or are you couch surfing while buying online? is a twist on today's shopping trend. turns out, love of cyber sites are turning back to tradition. jo ling kent hit the streets to see what was going on. >> after years of saying traditional brick and mortar stores just were not worth it, a slew of hot new spots are pouring money into all school retail. the question is, is it worth it?
5:52 pm
started as the exclusively online retailer. four weeks ago the co-founders opened this old-fashioned barber shop in new york offering shades, erica its command their products. >> over 90 percent of commerce happens offline today, and for our product especially we would love to go into every single one of our customers personally about how to shave. >> here this save shoppers become so busy they are often booked solid and products online have repeatedly sold out. meanwhile, affordable e commerce jewelery startup wants a permanent store to close the deal with customers you were just browsing but not by on their side. >> there will always be that a customer comes on line and this looks amazing feat. look at that price tag. how could that be possible. and there will always boss. there is something powerful about being able to pick up and touch and feel. >> and successful retailer was never supposed to open physical stores. >> is started with to fitting
5:53 pm
rooms and two racks of clothes. did not look like this at our headquarters. within 90 days redoing a million revenue run rate at the lobby of our offices and it was like no, my god. people still want to touch and field goals of -- closed. >> you cannot take it home. >> you can bill the very intimate one-to-one service focus experience a showroom. is phenomenal. an ipo could be on the horizon after 2014. >> there you have it. don't all agree on the approach but agree one thing is clear, meeting the customer face-to-face makes the money.
5:54 pm
>> that's right. he thinks it is going to succeed. melissa: the bread-and-butter is still from selling online. they feel like they need to have a place for people who still need to go wind. >> exactly, and they think that a lot of people want to try and the stuff for check at the life style so much more than just the items. the very cool. thank you so much. up next, who made "money" today. investors want him out, but he is making a bundle on the potential demise. cannot figure out? we have the answer straight ahead. you can never have too much "money." ♪ ♪
5:55 pm
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risk includes possible loss of incipal. speak coherently made money today. everyone who owns abercrombie and fitch. after an accident investment fund kicked michael jeffries to the curb. the stock rallied as much as 7%. his infamous antics have been part of this and are including investors. he is the biggest shareholder with more than a million shares. so he made close to $2 million today and i'm sure that he is getting the last laugh on that one. losing money today as anyone who always krispy kreme the company released a pessimistic outlook
5:59 pm
for 2015. the stoploss over 20%. billy joel, the legendary singer and songwriter and not that he's taking up residency at madison square garden. he will play once a month at the gardens indefinitely. under one condition. as long as there is demand for it. which really shouldn't be an issue seeing that his next for shows are sold out. tickets go on sale this saturday. that's all we have for you. be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out how far some companies are willing to go. can you imagine if your company just cut you off? that a smile at 5:00 p.m. send me a tweet and i will be
6:00 pm
right back here tomorrow. in the meantime, "the willis report" is coming up next. ♪ ♪ gerri: hello, everyone, tonight on "the willis report." the white house has a new plan to help health insuuance companies reinstate canceled coverage. to give them more money. >> do not let the initial problems with the website discourage it. >> also, the pitiful tests scores of american high school students. and it's not just for kids struggling to make it. how do you do that? the correct way to return an unwanted gift. we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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